Washington Bridge Collapse: 71,000 Vehicles Use Bridge Daily

According to data reviewed by AnalysisWire, 71,000 vehicles used the now-collapsed Skagit River bridge daily in 2012. Nearby monitors suggest that there was substantial local usage of the bridge, as traffic monitors before and after the bridge show lower traffic than the monitor closest to the bridge (the second monitor listed below). Thus, the loss of the bridge will be felt acutely in Mt. Vernon in addition to the regular travelers on I-5.

Mile Description Avg. Daily Traffic, 2012
227.73 AT SR 538 BRIDGE 54000
228.17 AFTER RAMP SR 538 71000
228.87 AT GEORGE HOPPER RD 58000

Source: Washington State Dept. of Trans. 2012 Annual Traffic Report

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Washington Bridge Collapse: 770 Bridge-Related Collisions in WA in 2011

AnalysisWire research shows that at least 770 collisions in Washington state in 2011 involved vehicles hitting bridges. Data from the Washington State Department of Transportation is below:


Source: Washington State Department of Transportation, 2011 Washington State Collision Data Summary, p. 65-66


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Washington Bridge Collapse: Length of Collapsed Section Estimated to be Approx. 160 ft Long

Update June 4: The Associated Press confirmed that it was indeed a 160 ft section that collapsed (via Bellingham Herald).

Tonight’s Washington state bridge collapse over the Skagit River involved approximately 160 feet of bridge, according to an AnalysisWire assessment using images from Google Maps and news broadcasts.

Images below are from Google Maps and use the distance measurement tools:



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Oklahoma Tornadoes: Approximate Death Toll Likely Not Known for Days

Today’s Oklahoma tornadoes are already catastrophic in terms of damage and loss of life. It’s important to keep in mind that information in events that devastate a wide area often takes substantial time to finalize. Based on the experience of the 2011 Joplin, MO tornado, which officially killed 158, it will take days to determine an approximate death toll and weeks if not months to finalize a death toll.  In the Joplin tornado, based on information from breakingnews.com, AnalysisWire finds:

  • Just over half of the fatalities ultimately reported were reported in the first 12 hours (89 / 158).
  • About three quarters of the fatalities ultimately reported were reported within two days after the tornado (122 / 158).
  • Six days after the tornado, ninety percent of the fatalities ultimately reported were known (142 / 158).
  • The precise final number of fatalities was not known within one week of the storm.  It took many weeks to finalize the number of fatalities.

Here’s the chart showing the changes in reported fatalities over time.  The tornado was reported during the 6 pm ET hour on May 22, 2011:


Source: BreakingNews.com

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AnalysisWire is Back with Regular Updates

After a brief hiatus, AnalysisWire is back updating on a regular basis.

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Jodi Arias vs. Syria

We looked at peak weekly US search interest in “Jodi Arias” and “Syria” in 2013 (the final week’s data is through 5/9/13). The results are probably unsurprising:


Source:  Google Trends

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UPDATE: Dhaka Factory Collapse – Tragedy Continues to Unfold

AnalysisWire previously showed how information about the tragic Dhaka, Bangladesh building collapse was very slow to emerge. We updated our post to show how the scope of the tragedy still continues to unfold over time. It is now about 13 days after the collapse, and a finalized death toll has not been reached.  Here is the latest chart:


Sources:  BreakingNews.com


  • All fatality numbers are from BreakingNews.com
  • Times are Eastern
  • Highest fatality number at a given time is used (if a later, lower fatality number is given, that report is ignored; 645 is the latest number reported)

Sources and times (as reported by breakingnews.com):

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Peak Search Volume for “Jason Collins” Outstrips Peak Search Volume for “Kate Upton”

According to Google Trends search data, search volume for “Jason Collins” was higher the week that Jason Collins came out as gay in Sports Illustrated than the search volume for “Kate Upton” the week the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was released.  Cumulative searches for 2013 cover model “Kate Upton” may prove to be greater than searches for “Jason Collins,” but it is too early to know the long-term effect. 


Source:  Google Trends

Notes and Caveats:

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Tebow Released: Tebow Earned $28,883 Per Yard with the Jets in 2012

The New York Jets released Tim Tebow today.  Tebow had an undistinguished 2012 season with the Jets, rushing for 102 yards and passing for 39.  His compensation per yard (rushing and passing), however, was quite impressive, particularly in comparison to his 2010 and 2011 seasons with Denver:


Source:  ESPN; Spotrac

Note:  Because of trades, compensation paid by each team is not identical to the years Tebow played with a given team.  This analysis is simplistic because it does not take into account the opportunity cost of having Tebow on the field or how much Tebow played. Different sources have different salary information.  2013 required payments are not included.

Raw data: 

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Analysis: 1/10 of One Percent of Reported U.S. Tornadoes in Past 5 Years Are EF5

AnalysisWire is undertaking a detailed review of tornado data to provide our readers with up-to-date insight during tornado season.  We start off with our first finding: the most dangerous tornadoes, Enhanced Fujita Scale EF5 tornadoes, are infrequent, particularly in comparison to the number of tornadoes reported.  Since February 2007, when the National Weather Service implemented the Enhanced Fujita Scale ratings, there have only been 8 reported EF5 tornadoes in the United States.  EF5 tornadoes have estimated three second gusts of over 200 miles per hour.  Relative to the thousands of tornadoes that have been reported under this system, EF5 tornadoes comprise just 0.1% of all tornadoes.

EF Ratings

Frequency of Tornados by EF Category - Pie Frequency of Tornados by EF Category

Source:  National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center

Note:  Tornado data is close to, but not identical to, the totals reported by the National Weather Service. We believe that we are using the data found here accurately, and we believe that any differences are immaterial.

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