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New AnalysisWire Feature

We are excited to introduce a new set of analytics related to tornadoes. Going forward, we will post regular updates about the relative strength of the tornado season, initially focusing on fatalities. We will expand upon these metrics in the … Continue reading

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Washington Bridge Collapse: 71,000 Vehicles Use Bridge Daily

According to data reviewed by AnalysisWire, 71,000 vehicles used the now-collapsed Skagit River bridge daily in 2012. Nearby monitors suggest that there was substantial local usage of the bridge, as traffic monitors before and after the bridge show lower traffic … Continue reading

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AnalysisWire is Back with Regular Updates

After a brief hiatus, AnalysisWire is back updating on a regular basis.

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UPDATE: Dhaka Factory Collapse – Tragedy Continues to Unfold

AnalysisWire previously showed how information about the tragic Dhaka, Bangladesh building collapse was very slow to emerge. We updated our post to show how the scope of the tragedy still continues to unfold over time. It is now about 13 … Continue reading

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West, Texas Factory Explosion Generated Seismic Event Equal to Collapse of South Tower on 9/11

The tragic West, Texas fertilizer factory explosion resulted in seismic activity of magnitude 2.1. The explosion was the latest non-earthquake news event to generate seismic activity, and it put it on par with the collapse of the South Tower of … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Boston Marathon Tragedy: Latest Injury Count Released More than One Week after Bombings

AnalysisWire previously charted Boston Marathon injuries over time.  The Boston Globe just reported that the injury count has risen to 282 (it was originally reported at 4:00 pm April 22 by reporter Deborah Kotz on Twitter) . Our conclusions are … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Postdoc Who Called MIT Campus Police Was Initially Uncertain Gunshots Actually Fired

AnalysisWire exclusively interviewed the MIT postdoc (postdoctoral researcher) who called campus police Thursday night to report a suspicious incident. The individual, who declined to be identified, was working late in lab in Building 76 when the researcher heard what were … Continue reading

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