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Zack Greinke’s $6,400 Pitch Turned into a $6.5 Million Disaster

Zack Greinke has thrown 180 pitches as a Los Angeles Dodger, but it was his last one that cost the team the most.  After hitting San Diego Padre Carlos Quentin on the arm with a pitch, Quentin charged the mound, … Continue reading

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Irving, TX Bus Crash: Bus Passenger Fatalities Rare; Rate of Fatalities in Bus Accidents Declining Over Time

In light of today’s fatal bus crash in Irving, TX, it’s important to keep two things in mind: 1)  Total bus passenger fatalities are low: 2)  The rate of fatalities among all parties involved in bus accidents has gone down … Continue reading

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Today’s Fatal Irving, Texas Bus Crash is a Rare Occurrence

A bus crashed today in Irving, Texas on the George Bush Turnpike, killing two people and injuring dozens.  Though injury bus crashes aren’t unusual, averaging about 25 per day, fatal bus crashes are.  In 2009, the last year for which … Continue reading

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New Pope Putting People Back in the Pews? Evidence is Mixed.

Some news articles have suggested that Pope Francis’ “common touch” is persuading lapsed American Catholics to return to the church.  However, one quantitative measure of interest in the Catholic Church is less clear. A Google Trends graph of the search … Continue reading

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