Exclusive: Postdoc Who Called MIT Campus Police Was Initially Uncertain Gunshots Actually Fired

AnalysisWire exclusively interviewed the MIT postdoc (postdoctoral researcher) who called campus police Thursday night to report a suspicious incident. The individual, who declined to be identified, was working late in lab in Building 76 when the researcher heard what were possibly gunshots. The postdoc was not sure that they actually were gun shots, as they sounded off in the distance. The individual looked outside, did not see anything, but felt that the situation was uncertain enough to warrant a call to campus police. One MIT officer responded to the initial call. A colleague of the postdoc, who had a desk near the window, heard the responding officer yell “officer down” after finding Sean Collier hit by gunfire. Numerous police then swarmed the scene.

Police interviewed the postdoc, but the researcher could not provide much more detail because the postdoc did not see anything and only heard what turned out to be gunshots.

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