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Tebow Released: Tebow Earned $28,883 Per Yard with the Jets in 2012

The New York Jets released Tim Tebow today.  Tebow had an undistinguished 2012 season with the Jets, rushing for 102 yards and passing for 39.  His compensation per yard (rushing and passing), however, was quite impressive, particularly in comparison to … Continue reading

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Analysis: 1/10 of One Percent of Reported U.S. Tornadoes in Past 5 Years Are EF5

AnalysisWire is undertaking a detailed review of tornado data to provide our readers with up-to-date insight during tornado season.  We start off with our first finding: the most dangerous tornadoes, Enhanced Fujita Scale EF5 tornadoes, are infrequent, particularly in comparison … Continue reading

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Dhaka Factory Collapse: Unfolding Tragedy

AnalysisWire sometimes illuminates how full and complete information of events can take time (see here, for example).  The latest tragedy, the collapse of a Dhaka factory, shows how slowly the true scale of tragedy can emerge for the public to … Continue reading

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West, Texas Factory Explosion Generated Seismic Event Equal to Collapse of South Tower on 9/11

The tragic West, Texas fertilizer factory explosion resulted in seismic activity of magnitude 2.1. The explosion was the latest non-earthquake news event to generate seismic activity, and it put it on par with the collapse of the South Tower of … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Boston Marathon Tragedy: Latest Injury Count Released More than One Week after Bombings

AnalysisWire previously charted Boston Marathon injuries over time.  The Boston Globe just reported that the injury count has risen to 282 (it was originally reported at 4:00 pm April 22 by reporter Deborah Kotz on Twitter) . Our conclusions are … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Tragedy: Final Injury Tally Reported 25 Hours after Incident

4/23/13 10:00 AM UPDATE:  Now, there are 282 injuries.  Please see the updated post. AnalysisWire undertook an extensive effort to scrutinize the April 15th Boston Marathon bombing news coverage. By using the Boston Globe’s live blog, we assessed how: Injury … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Postdoc Who Called MIT Campus Police Was Initially Uncertain Gunshots Actually Fired

AnalysisWire exclusively interviewed the MIT postdoc (postdoctoral researcher) who called campus police Thursday night to report a suspicious incident. The individual, who declined to be identified, was working late in lab in Building 76 when the researcher heard what were … Continue reading

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Al Michaels DUI Arrest: Rare for 68-Year-Olds to Drive Drunk

Santa Monica police arrested and charged 68-year-old Sunday Night Football broadcaster Al Michaels last night.  One surprising aspect of his arrest is how rare it is for someone his age to drive drunk.  In California, convicted DUI offenders are on … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Tragedy: Estimating the Number of Runners in the Vicinity of the Explosions

Today’s tragic explosions occurred at about 4:09:50 of the official marathon time, according to video of the events.  Though it appears that more people finished the race early this year than last year, the 2012 statistics can provide a rough ballpark … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Tragedy: Explosions Resulted in Estimated 4800 Runners Failing to Finish Race

One of the more minor disruptions of today’s horrific events at the Boston Marathon was that thousands of runners did not finish the race.  About 79% of those who could be expected to finish actually finished.  According to the estimates … Continue reading

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